Laurentides Mountain tour Limousines

Laurentides Mountain tour Limousines

What vacation could be more dreamlike than one in the Laurentians? Tourists who choose our company will have Corporate Sedan and Stretch at their total disposal for a five star vacation. – 24 hrs service

If you call now 1 877 978 5466 a real person will talk to you.

We’re different because of the comfort and luxury we offer, as well as our ability to satisfy all our customers. We have a passion for driving people in the wonderful region of the Laurentians and for informing tourists on the wonders of this place so they get excited even before seeing Mt Tremblant with its wonderful scenery and exhilarating mystery. Our drivers will pick you up from the airport, take care of your luggage, and take you to your hotel or condo smoothly and safely.


Now let’s introduce you to the Tremblant region. There is nothing more beautiful than a region that has preserved its history and combined it with modernity, offering travellers the opportunity to shop, visit exciting theme parks, take a trip to the health center, go on a fishing expedition in one of the largest lakes from the region, play paintball and mak your friends surrender in battle, visit the most powerful station on the Ottawa river, take a walk in the so many wonderful gardens, win some money in the casino and then spend it in a top restaurant in the Laurentians, and eat a meal prepared my Michelin star chefs accompanied by a wine with wonderful bouquet.

There are so many activities and so many places to discover in Tremblant; with every step, tourists will discover a corner of heaven and they will want to come back again and again. Travellers fall madly in love with the scenery, with the untouched corners of wild nature that they can’t resist the attraction of returning to the place where they spent restless days and where they were so truly happy that they could shout it from the top of Mt Tremblant. Our company will always be there to receive every tourist, using only the best vehicles at the best prices: Corporate Sedan and Stretch Limousines.

Due to the presence of Mt Tremblant, the Laurentians are famous for winter sports, even though the golf courses are also wonderful. If you want the greatest sliding experience of your life, this is the place to come. It offers the largest snow sliding park in the world: prepare yourself for a  thrilling experience. Let the adrenaline take over your body and go sliding from the highest snow tubing run in the world.

The Laurentians is a region that thinks of all its travellers, so it offers special 2 packages or family packages at bewildering prices. There’s no need to save all year in order to be able to enjoy this corner of the world in the company of everyone you love.  Whatever season you choose, the activities are plenty and will provide rich experiences.

The wonderful attractions and diversity of activities offered by the Laurentians aren’t complete without our transportation – choose Stretch Limousines or Corporate Sedan and enjoy our highly trained drivers.

Laurentides Mountain Limousines tour 1 877 978 5466


Laurentides Mountain tour Limousine  our company who puts at their total disposal Corporate

Sedan and Stretch Limousines they can get a five stars vacation.

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